The International Network
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The International Network is home some of the best blogs on Tumblr with their own individual blog type. This is a community made up of bloggers with passion and dedication to have a positive environment in which they can get to know people from all around the world. 
We accept the following types of blogs:
Black and White
You MUST Be Following The Owners: (Owner, Owner, Owner) (We Will Be Checking)
You MUST Reblog This Post At Least ONCE. (LIKES DO NOT COUNT!)
You MUST Be Willing To Put The Network Badge Or Link Somewhere On Your Blog. (We Will Occasionally Check!)
For A Higher Chance Of Consideration:
Message The Owner For A Consideration Request (HERE)
Reblog This Post Multiple Times (Remember More Reblogs = Higher Chance Of Getting Accepted)
The Benefits Of Joining The International Network:
You Will Meet A Bunch Of People From All Around The World!
You Will Make Many New Friends Even If You Are New On Tumblr!
You Will Make More Followers Guaranteed!
You Will Meet Bloggers With A Similar Blog Type As Yours!
You Will Get Help With Anything You Need! (Ex. Reblogs, Likes, Votes, Banners, HTML Coding, Theme, Etc. Etc.)
You Will Get To Be Part Of Our Own Group Chat!
You Will Get To Participate In Group Promotions!
We Will Do Group Video Chats And You Will Get To Be Part Of It!
You Will Get To Part Of A Wonderful Community Of Bloggers!
               Ask Here If You Have Any Additional Questions.
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                                            Good Luck!